In these times, most of the problems remain unaddressed even after so much ho-halla about it. The main reason behind it, seems to be – absence of good quality research and analysis of the identification of the problem to its root cause. The social arena is filled with all rhetoric about the symptoms and childish solutions. One such case is of Gender Equality. Increase in women in boardrooms and middle management have not significantly helped while high focus on success stories of individual women does not seem academically impressive.

The concerns are very valid, we need to work on it and devise the mechanism for ensuring a healthy society. But, for that understanding the gender and its conceptualization in terms of Masculine and Feminine is essential. Today the problem faced by our society is not about the equality in terms of male-female (biological concept) but in terms of imbalance of masculine-feminine traits (gender – psychological concept).

The current dominant corporate paradigm is too masculine. The Feminist movement failed to address this problem, rather contributed to it, by forcing women to adopt the masculine traits. This lead to serious problem of feminine drain from the corporate and subsequently in the society. Now we can witness a large number of cases where mind of a man is casted in a women’s body. 

FMS-WISDOM’s approach:

The foundations of WISDOM are based on holistic development model. Professor Subhash Sharma, gave an insightful equation that serves as a guiding principle for management education at FMS, Banasthali Vidyapith, the equation is WISDOM = Reason + Intuition.

This approach ensures that management education is not only masculine or only feminine. The Ardhnashiwar swaroop of Bhagwan Shiv-Parvati is the ideal state that human should strive for. However, achieving this state requires practice and patience. Therefore WISDOM, since 1996 has taken a balanced approach to curriculum and pedagogy. Here is a snapshot of this approach towards development of both – right and left – sides of brain.

On concluding note, it can be said that slowly getting away from our roots and not following the great practices and philosophy advocated in Bharatiya Shastras are creating several anomalies in society and feminine drain is just one of these anomalies.

On one hand, the world is adopting best practices from Bharat, like Yog, Ayurved etc, should we not do आत्म-चिन्तन  (aatm-chintan) to create better  social environment?

Special thanks to Prof. Harsh Purohit, Dean, FMS-WISDOM, Banasthali Vidyapith for the vital inputs in this post.