Last time wrote an article on learning from Faculty Development Program. Now, its time to share some learning that I had from the students of Faculty of Management Studies-WISDOM Banasthali Vidyapith.

This is based on the experiences during teaching students of FMS-WISDOM in past two years. It includes the classroom teaching, interactions with students during their viva, academic programs, events etc. Some cases might not be generalized, but this is what I could learn:

  1. Respect for teachers: The level of respect that I received as a faculty here, is worth the credential university has. I too myself never had such a respect for teachers (barring a few). This humility lays strong foundations for their successful life. After spending sometime here, my attitude has significantly changed as now I respect teachers more than ever before.
  2. Aesthetic sense: The precision of planning, designing and creativity mesmerized me in the initial days. Later on it was evident that it was so natural for them. The beautiful designs created on display boards, wonderfully crafted cultural programs, decoration, and flawless arrangements during academic events is so much part of the education. Feminine qualities – we cannot ignore this component.
  3. निःस्वार्थ भाव: Putting interest and happiness of international online casinos and others above self-interest and happiness. Although, I had been practicing to avoid harm to others, this required significant efforts. But, seeing this in students and interaction with them made me start a journey towards निःस्वार्थ भाव.
  4. सात्विक भाव: The students mostly remain in saatvik state of mind (exceptions always there). This I realized on my visit to Banasthali in July 2015 and interacted with MBA 2015-17 batch. The positive aura, that students carried with them was something to be rarely seen in Indian educational institutions.

I had a similar experience, when used to visit Gurukuls for learning during doctoral research. The young kids of 7-8 years used to teach us Bhagwad Gita and other scriptures. Overall, it gives a greater sense of satisfaction to learn from young ones and students.