On December 16, 2016 Faculty of Management Studies-WISDOM at Banasthali enters into 21st year. For thousands of students, parents, and teachers it is a place where dreams come true. All Rishi-Muni, Bharatiya citizens and especially the founders are nimitt in this noble work. It is a Management School that adopts a unique approach to curriculum, pedagogy and outcomes. WISDOM is an acronym for Women’s Institute for Studies in Development Oriented Management housed in Mahindra Pragya Mandir.

Origin of Banasthali and WISDOM

In Bharatiya conceptualization of universe two kinds of prakriti of the parabrahm are – paraa prakriti and aparaa prakriti. The life manifests with combination of these two. It begins from the shunya state and then goes back to shunya state. The origin of Banasthali has an emotional story. In 1935, a 12 year old daughter wants to teach the young girls, but leaves the world at that age. The parents do not let her dream die, rather convert it to an eternal one and start delivering education to girls. Since then the remarkable history and impact university continuous to create, reflects the intensity of the ‘desire to teach’ the girl had. As a result, the newer heights Banasthali attains is impossible for anyone to imagine. Thus an example of the infinite potential that para prakriti has and how apara prakriti by being in sync with it can become of equal potential.

Within the university several departments are established from time to time. Among those is the WISDOM, established with a focus on Indian Management and Ethos so that students learn the management principles and concepts that are essentials skills in corporate world. But at the same time developing the intrinsic aspects is also crucial. Hence the WISDOM is envisioned as summation of ‘Reason’ and ‘Intuition’.

Vision of WISDOM

Today WISDOM offers B.Com. (SBI School of Commerce and Banking), B.B.A and M.B.A courses to about 1500 students. Theses are in areas of Commerce, Finance, Banking, Marketing, Human Resources, Aviation, and Public Policy and CSR. Research is at the forefront with focus on Financial Literacy, Digital Literacy, Indian Ethos, Human Quality Development, and Banking. Focusing on its role to lead the management education, the WISDOM positions itself as a consciousness school and an emerging divine school.

Each and every alumna of WISDOM has an unparalleled record with contributions to nation in all walks of life be it family, corporate, government or non-profit sector. A good number of them are contributing to education sector which is the backbone of Bharatiya civilization.

World needs a harmonic balance of Feminine and Masculine traits (as envisioned in our Bharatiya Shastra – Shiv-Shakti Swaroop). For sustenance of world, thus we pray to Bhagwan to keep making us nimitt in this duty towards Dharm.

Note: The names of founders, donors, alumna, teachers etc have been deliberately not included as all are nimitt in this divine act of Bhagwan.