​Self discipline is one of the difficult tasks for human beings. Bharatiya civilization’s core competence lies in making things simple. The Rishis-Munis devised various mechanisms for each and every type of individual to achieve the highest potential.

So, what Bharatiya civilization offers for self-discipline? Answer is simple – अभी देखते है !

Yes, this phrase “अभी देखते है” is a simple but a power-packed one. We get to listen from elders whenever we “demand” something irrational. Rarely they would say “No” but say अभी देखते है !

How this phrase can help in self-discipline?

Whenever the चंचल मन through its weapons like anger, greed, desires, indulgence etc and tries to overpower or there is such threat and we know it will not be beneficial for us, but seems very difficult to control…simply firing this ब्रह्मास्त्र can help a lot 🙂

For example – one is on a strict diet and चंचल मन demands burger, बुद्धि says no, but “who cares”…so instead of saying “No” respond to मन with अभी देखते है ! 😀

The heavy shelling and firing of emotions by चंचल मन  will temporarily halt and बुद्धि will gain some relief and bounce back after the delay and will overpower the outburst of (irrational) emotions.

So, just by delaying the irrational demands of चंचल मन and we can have better self control.

Note: Thanks to Dr. Sandeep Atre, as discussions with him helped me to articulate this better.