Articles / Papers / Book Chapters

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  • Book Chapter – Bindlish, P., Joshi, A., Dutt, P., Verma, P., & Arora, S. (2017). Researcher Preparation for Indigenous Fundamental Research Through Collaborative Participation. In Implementing Communities of Practice in Higher Education(pp. 107-129). Springer Singapore.
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  • Teaching case – Joshi A. & Tapasvi S K. (2014). Mithilasmita: Can Traditional Art Be Preserved Through Intellectual Property Protection Only?, Ivey Publishing.
  • Joshi A., Verma P., Dutt P. & Bindlish P. (2013). Introducing Corporate Social Responsibility to a Spiritual and ‘Superstitious’ India? Journal of Management (Parikalpana), 9(2),60-64.

Conferences and others 

  • (Jan 2016). Self Management for Social Development: Insights from an Innovative Poetic Research Output. Conference at IBA, Bengaluru
  • (Dec 2015). Bharatiya Model of Social Entrepreneurship: Learning from Farmer. Conference on Innovative Business Practices at Acropolis Institute, Indore
  • (Dec 2015). Managerial Learning from Sundar Kand. International Ramayan Conference, IBA Bengaluru
  • (Jan 2015). Preserving Traditional Art through Social Business: A case of Mithilasmita-Madhubani paintings. Third International Conference on Creativity and Innovations at (for/from/with) Grassroots, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
  • (March 2014). Colonialism and indigenous education: an autoethnography. GCMRM Conference, MDI, Gurgaon.
  • (Feb 2013). Issues and Challenges in ensuring Public Accountability: The Indian Context. International Conference on Public Policy and Management at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta.
  • (Aug 2012). Tolerance in Indian Society: Implication on Society, Natural Resources and Lifestyle. Impact of Globalization on Urbanization and Migration in India at Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), New Delhi.

Working Papers