Today many of us think that for quality improvement in education can come through technology. However, this is the biggest myth or superstitious belief our society has, and needs to be addressed on urgent basis.

Before  you discard the above statement as conjecture or immature, please read the arguments below:

Let us first discuss the definition and purpose of education

  • सा विद्या या विमुक्तये  – Education is one that liberates.
  • If we contemplate on this further, education is about achieving deeper understanding of the reality (यथार्थ ज्ञान) so that one gets liberated from narrow, selfish and pity issues.
  • The person gets transformed as an enlightened individual with creative thoughts, innovative ideas, higher end skill set along with cultural and contextual intelligence. 
  • Thus, becoming an asset to the society who can contribute to its development while remaining responsible towards environment. Most importantly, remains humble, has respect for parents and finally heads towards आत्म-कल्याण

If you agree with this definition and purpose of education, by this time, you might see some sense in the title of this post – and would like to think beyond technology. So, what could bring Quality Revolution in Education? – The same thing, which technology wants to eliminate – The teacher! 😀

Let us now see the role of teacher in in education system.

The medium through which above mentioned ideas can come true for the candidate is a teacher. A mentor, guide, enabler…whatever we may like to call him / her, is the vital element of education system and relationship between teacher and student is the heart of the education delivery.

To this many people agree and ask, so what if the teacher is available online?

Here’s the main point to be understood. Let us see, how do we experience the reality? Answer is simple – though 5 sense organs (see image below). 

Thus when we have the teacher “in person” present with student, they both share the same environment (time, place, temperature, air, aroma) and thus experience the same reality. Further, and more importantly, the aura of teacher interacts with the student’s and the interaction goes to higher levels. There are many things that teacher does not even teach, but those get “downloaded” directly into DNA of the student. There are numerous examples to cite from the ancient and recent history. But, to create the right impact in your head, I would request you to ponder your own experience with your teacher. गुरु के सानिध्य में जाने की महत्ता  और असीमानन्द  का कौन वर्णन कर सकता है?  

The Saatvik energy that flows from teacher to student, can never be replaced by robots and other electronic devices emanating Taamsik waves (by design those are जड़ पदार्थ).

PS: Interesting information, that forces to think deep –

Please Note: The post does not neglect or downside the importance of technology as an enabler in information transmission / skill up-gradation etc. The technical skills are essential and must be honed.