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Shastriya Prabandhan

Management from Bhagwad Gita: A Few Insights

Bhagwad Gita offers unique management lessons for contemporary times. The write-up highlights a few insights for management. The table below presents some of shlok with their relevance. Shlok Managerial Learning इदं शरीरं कौन्तेय क्षेत्रमित्यभिधीयते | एतद्यो वेत्ति तं प्राहुः क्षेत्रज्ञ… Continue Reading →

Solution to Problem of Corruption : Building Good Character

How to end corruption? भ्रष्टाचार का नाम सुनते ही, किसी पुलिस वाले का अथवा सरकारी विभाग का स्मरण आ जाता है । पाठक गण में अधिकतर कि हाँ हो सकती है ! हम लोग भ्रष्टाचार का समाधान कारण नहीं निकाल… Continue Reading →

Session for Police University on Conflict Management and Good Governance

Socialigence, Indore and Promotion of Research in Indian Management and Ethos (PRIME), FMS-WISDOM, Banasthali Vidyapith jointly conducted a workshop for senior officials from BSF, Police, and Academicians at Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Jaipur of Police University, Jodhpur. Dr. Sandeep Atre… Continue Reading →

Research Collaboration : OM-RISE

FMS-WISDOM has collaborated with Buurtzorg and Praan Group, The Netherlands for forming a research group named OM-RISE (Organizational Management, Research, Innovation and Sustainable Entrepreneurship). The group will carry out research in areas of self-management, integrating simplification, entrepreneurship, nursing, financial literacy,… Continue Reading →

Right Secured in Bhagwad Geeta

We talk about various rights and “implied” duties in the constitution. But Geeta has very important point to for the humanity – The most vital right secured by Bhagwad Geeta is Right to मोक्ष (Moksh). Bhagwan has said that whosoever in the… Continue Reading →

Public Management in Post Bureaucratic State

Title: Public Management in Post Bureaucratic State Audience: Public Policy participants, MDI-Gurgaon Venue: MDI, Gurgaon – May 2016 Concept In the ideal scenario, people are स्वधर्मी (swadharmi). They fulfill their duties, are moral and ethical etc as described in Raam-… Continue Reading →

Courses Offered

Indian Ethos and Human Quality Development Indigenous Management Systems Indian Management CSR and Social Entrepreneurship Fundamentals of Public Policy and Management Fundamentals of Policy Implementation Indigenous Research Methodology

Research under PRIME

  Research Papers and Cases Books and Book Chapters Contribution in interdisciplinary research Inputs in conceptualizing Bharatiya Model of Digital Literacy Inputs in conceptualizing Bharatiya Model of Financial Literacy Indian perspective to HR and attrition in thesis of Ms. Vandana… Continue Reading →

Talk – Planning a Social Initiative: Setting up a School

Dr. Tapasvi invited me to deliver a talk on Planning a Social Initiative: Setting up a School for participants of Management Development Program. Date: 11th June 2015 Venue: Auditorium, MDI, Gurgaon Presentation of talk:

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