Research Papers and Cases

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Contribution in interdisciplinary research

  1. Inputs in conceptualizing Bharatiya Model of Digital Literacy
  2. Inputs in conceptualizing Bharatiya Model of Financial Literacy
  3. Indian perspective to HR and attrition in thesis of Ms. Vandana Sharma
  4. Indian perspective to concept of Emotional Intelligence in thesis of Ms. Richa Chauhan

Conferences and Working Papers

  1. (c) Whistle Blower: Learning from Vibhishan’s Approach – with Saagarika Ghoshal
  2. (c) Relevance of Ramayan in Modern Times: A few Propositions
  3. (c) Managerial Implications and Learning from Sundar Kand of Tulsi Ramayan
  4. (c) Bharatiya Model of Social Entrepreneurship: Learning from Farmers
  5. (c) Self Development for Social Development: Insights from Poetic Research Output
  6. (w) Indigenous Research Methodology: A Holistic Approach to Public Policy Research
  7. (w) Delivering Holistic Education: A case of Panch-Mukhi Shiksha at Banasthali Vidyapith
  8. (w) Storytelling as Pedagogy in Education: Learning from Panchtantra
  9. (w) Stress Management Strategies: Insights from Bhartiya Wisdom
  10. (w) Managing Diversity in Teams: Insights from Ramayan – with Aparna Sharma
  11. (w) Moving from HRD to HQD (Human Quality Development) – The paradigm shift in the consciousness revolution – with Sanjay Kumar

(C) – Conference

(w) – Working paper