Management as a domain has sustained because it has always kept pace with the changing times. Also, it has never practised “academic racism” wherein  academic disciplines consider “other” disciplines as inferior. Management, on the other welcomed and embraced changes and developments in other disciplines with open hands. Numerous example like leadership, information management, design thinking, governance, spirituality etc substantiate the above points. Thus, management has a bright future. 

Technology, on the other hand does not enjoy the same growth pattern as of management. The biggest reason being that since ages it becomes too big to handle. In past we have witnessed, technological advancement leading to dreadful wars. Today also because of extreme technologies (like AI) we are fearing third world war. We can only hope that humans understand the limitation of technology and let it remain just a tool add on human life not threaten it. 

Thanks to Shri Niraj Baral ji, Nepal for asking my views on this topic.