Reflecting on the interesting experience of the faculty development program organized at Banasthali Vidyapith. Looking back, there are some crucial lessons to be learnt. 

One fine day, I received a letter informing that I may attend a Faculty Development Program to be organized at Banasthali Vidyapith. Frankly speaking, initially I wanted to explore options to escape from it, as thought it would not be of any use. But, when the program began, there were some very important learning, listing a few of them below:

  • The experience at either side of the stage is very different. When we sit in the class as a student, with all good intentions, it is very difficult to concentrate and keep listening to the teacher without being drowsy. Even if teacher is discussing something important.
    • Learning: Now, I understand the students point of view and scenario better. It is further my responsibility to ensure that they remain awake in the class.
  • Every student deserves full attention. While as a teacher, we may try to get away with excuse of having to taught a large batch in which individual attention is not possible, the fact remains that as a student, he/she looks at the single person in front of him/her.
    • Learning: Personal attention has to be given at any cost, else education is useless, as every student is unique. 
  • Coming to class on time is very challenging for some students. I tried many tactics to ensure that students reach class on time. But did get the desired success. I myself rarely reached class (as a teacher and student both). But it is really very difficult as a student to reach class on time “always”. 
    • Learning: A more balanced approach (combination of being strict and lenient) can be followed. A student suffers in both extremes.    
  • Attentively speaking for an hour is very very easy as compared to attentively listening for an hour. It seems very easy to ask students to concentrate during lecture. But to do so, is very  difficult.
    • Learning: At the end it is teacher’s responsibility to ensure that students remain attentive during the session. Potential areas where students mind can drift during the session should be thought in prior and addressed during the session. Attentive listening is something I am trying to learn from Prof. Harsh Purohit and Dr. Sandeep Atre. Hope to enhance this skill in coming time.

To conclude, it was a good experience to be at the other end after a long time. Some crucial lessons for being an effective teacher and a person in general. 

Thanks to Prof. Piyush Kant Rai for coordinating the program and Banasthali Vidyapith for this beautiful experience. 

PS: On a lighter note – Just like students do, I also missed some sessions. Frankly speaking, its always a fun to skip sessions (as students).