क्योंकि वो अपने गुरु चरणों में नतमस्तक रहते है ! They excel because they remain obedient students of their Masters!


ऋषि सान्दीपनि की कथा से आइये इस पर दृष्टि डाले | (Let us visit this idea through a story of Rishi Sandipani, slightly long, but very essential to understand the reason behind it)

Rishi Sandipani is famous for being Guru of Bhagwan Krishn, Balram and Sudama. Under his tutelage, all three studied in a Gurukul in Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh). As child when Rishi Sandipani was himself studying in Gurukul, he was an average student, however was exceptional when it came to following orders of his Guru. He used to always remain very alert and active in adhering to any instruction of his Guru. He didn’t waste a single second to even ponder over what Guru has said. He used to just execute it to the best of his ability. Guru identified this approach and thus tried to test him further as he wanted Sandipani to excel in his life.

One day, when other students were playing, Guru asked him to lit fire in the Gurukul, Sandipani immediately did so. All students came running extinguished the fire, scolded him, but he didn’t tell that Guru ji asked him to do so. Later, Guru ji asked him to push his child (1 year old kid) in the well, Sandipani did so immediately. Again other students came running in and saved Guru ji’s child. These incidences made Guru ji firmly believe that Sandipani was an exceptional boy and would do wonders in the future.

When, Guru was about to leave the body, he distributed various belongings like kamandal, beads etc to his students. Sandipani, was standing quietly in the corner. Guru ji called him and said, you are very extra-ordinary, I cant give you such things. Bhagwan will himself come to you and learn from you. You would become Guru of Bhagwan. This is how Rishi Sandipani became Guru of Bhawgan Krishn.

How is that related to success of IITs and IIMs? Why do they excel?

For a long time, many criticize IITs and IIMs to be following their Western Masters. They tend to follow what West says, blindly. They have अन्ध विश्वास *  on West, and अन्ध विश्वास  is essential for growth. This story makes it clear that even if they keep on following “orders” of west, what-so-ever the action be (burning houses – environmental degradation; throw babies into water – ruthless and cut-throat competition), they would ultimately remain successful. Because they remain obedient students of their Masters…

* PS Note:  अन्ध विश्वास is not being used in negative sense. अन्ध-विश्वास कोई शब्द ही नही। विश्वास तो अन्धा ही होता है, यदि सोच समझ के परखा गया, तो विश्वास कहाँ? वो तर्क सम्मत ज्ञान होता है |