Management discipline has always kept pace with changing times by adopting the advancements in various streams. The recent development that it has adopted is “Design Thinking”. With the entry of Entrepreneurship at the center of management education, the importance of design thinking got more weight behind it. Find the best online casinos at free casino reviews include bonus, payout, and games offered.

FMS-WISDOM which has always taken innovative and far sighted approach to management education, offers a course of CSR and Social Entrepreneurship in the minor specialization of Public Policy and CSR. This course encourages the students to undertake any socially responsible activity (for profit or non-profit) using Shastriya Design Thinking Approach[1]. Banasthali also has an Atal Incubation Center (AIC) supported by NITI Ayog. AIC focuses on social entrepreneurship especially for women.

This year the MBA II Sem (2017-2019 Batch) students took very interesting projects of social relevance and delivered exceptional outcomes.

The following projects were executed through design thinking approach:

  1. Handicrafts Business / Khaadi business with a purpose of creating social good
    1. Team “Creative Helping Hands”- Best Out of Waste
  2. Education – Promoting Digital Literacy, improving productivity amongst school students
    1. Team Udgam – Youth Productivity
    2. Team Learning from the naturals
    3. Education: provided to the needy ones.
  3. Cleanliness initiative – not just talking, but doing.
    1. Team Cleanslate
  4. Agriculture – Innovations, Productivity enhancement, and Ecofriendly manures
    1. Team The Change Makers”- Vermicomposting.
    2. Team Ashreyam – additional income for farmers via year round mushroom cultivation
    3. Team Lime peel pickle – food from waste material
  5. Planting Trees – In a planned manner, suitable to extreme weather conditions at Banasthali
  6. Developing Healthy, Nutritional Products, Organic products
    1. Team Swazen – Offering traditional health in a modern way in the form of pure and organic confections
    2. Team Asat- health matters, Healthy drinks startup

Below are shared some snapshots of a few activities.

FMS-WISDOM wishes them great career ahead and we trust that they will make great contribution to the society.





[1] Shastriya Design Thinking Approach is an synthesis of Bharatiya Darshan Shastra and Design Thinking Approach of IDEO